Your Healing Journey

Work with me and discover the true you

Your BODY™ – your mind, body, soul system – holds the key to finding peace, contentment and a connection back to your truth.

The Heal Your BODY™ Process is a powerful transformational experience designed to release past trauma, clear stagnant energy and activate your own internal healing codes. Using a combination of external dialogue, remote healing, and active meditation- a unique methodology designed to unlock your innate wisdom – the Heal Your Body™ Process helps you remove blocks, create healthy boundaries, raise your frequency and discover your own truth – ushering in the freedom you desire. With my guidance, embark on a journey inward, quieting your mind and healing from within.

I am a bit of a mystic and have always believed in alternative modalities to healing. Working with Brenda has opened me up. It has become increasingly more clear what I want and need. When I began working with Brenda I was literally dying inside and now I feel alive.

Jan Michigan


Immersive Experiences

Transform your health. Release blocked energy. Tap into your inner guidance system. Live life on your terms.

Raise Your Frequency

Imagine feeling fully alive and living a life on purpose, with ease and flow. Your BODY™ – your mind, body, soul system – holds the key.

Combining personal inquiry, active meditation and remote energy healing, my proprietary Heal Your Body™ Immersive Experience clears internal blocks and activates your body’s innate healing wisdom. Be liberated from the past and begin living for today.

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Remote Healing

Ever wondered what Remote Healing really is and what it can do for you?

The Power of Remote Healing

A great option for any busy lifestyle, remote healing sessions release stagnant energy built up in your BODY™ over time – allowing deep, cellular healing to begin.

Remote Healing – also known as Distant Healing (DH), is defined as acts of conscious intent, wish, or focus, dedicated to improve the health or well-being of another person who is far away.

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